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I was born and raised in San Francisco Mission District. After working for Pacific Bell / AT&T in Personnel & Network Operations for 14 years, I found myself interested working for the City & County of San Francisco in the Human Services Agency. I have been with SFHSA for 24 years. I am currently the Exec Secretary-II to the Deputy Director of Family & Children’s Services. Though my job may be challenging at times, I do enjoy it and have the pleasure assisting and supporting the Deputy Director and the many organizations and providers that we are partnered with to help serve and to protect the families and children of San Francisco. I am very excited to help support our team in the recruiting move of foster parents. Our foster parent’s role is important in the lives of foster care! Outside from work, I love spending time with my family, I teach Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance to the community and help coordinate, participate and perform in the many Bay Area Polynesian community events.

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